Family tragedy? No, it is Women*’s killing! – A call

ATTENTION, new meeting date 11.11.2017

Women* are dying because they are women*. Also in Germany.

But as long as the terms and narratives we use do not reflect this reality, we will not be able to perceive this, much less change it. This is concerning the murdering of women* and the every day violence from which it stems.

We must first see and name the circumstances – and then resolve them.

What are the circumstances? In 2015 in Germany, 131 women* were killed by their partner or ex-partner, overall 311 attempted or successful killings were recorded (Study by the Federal Criminal Police Office). These numbers are recorded as statistics on partnership violence. But what about the women* who are not included in these numbers because their murders were not committed by their partner, and why did they die?  And, how many women*, who, either by luck or sheer will, escaped being murdered at the hands of a man?  And how were these incidents handled by the justice system?

What we are lacking is a broad awareness of femicides – on the murder of women* because they are women*

Femicidio/Feminicidio – the concept was initially used by the women*’s movement in Mexico. They wanted to make visible the staggering numbers of murdered women* within the gender-neutral category of homicidios (homicides). They wanted to make visible the systematic violence against women* and the general impunity of the perpetrators. Today, this concept is gaining more and more importance in several Latin American countries but also in Europe. In some of them, the concept of femicide has become law. But that alone is not enough. Only a broad consciousness in society, in the media, and within the police and the justice system allows a proper implementation of the existing laws.

Delitto passionale – „crime of passion“ it was called in the italian media before the term femmicidio was established. „Crime of envy“ and „Family tragedy“ are the terms that have been used in the german media until today. Women*’s killing they should be called. Because they don’t die for behaving wrongly. They are killed for the specific place society holds ready for women*. In Germany we are standing at the very beginning of the necessary debate.

Today – on the 8th of march 2017 – women* are calling for a worldwide fight against despotism. And today we make a call to collect and share our knowledge and experience so that, together, we may develop plans of action.  Contact us – whether you are an expert or simply interested in the cause, whether you identify as a woman* or not – and contribute to a mass conference on the 3rd of June in Berlin.

Today we are calling to start a process that makes women*’s killing visible in order to find effective solutions.

Every attack on a woman* is an attack on us. We do not want even one more murdered woman* — Ni una menos!

*There is an ongoing discussion about which term is more suitable. Femicidio designates the killing of females* by males simply because they are female*. Feminicidio additionally highlights the inactivity of the state through deficient security guarantees or impunity. In our opinion both terms can be used complementarily.

The Idea:

We are planning a conference with workshops. The conference should provide a space to share existing knowledge and synthesize a better understanding. What is the history of the concept of femicidio as it developed in Mexico, and how did it start the discussion on immunity and the spiral of violence in different countries. We will look at  the current situation in germany and, together, develop ideas for actions necessary to change it. How can we make the problem of violence more visible and thus changeable?

We warmly welcome all people of all genders who already have experience dealing with this topic, as well as those who wish to begin; not only experts of journalism, medicine, education, law, or other professional fields.  You are welcome to participate in all aspects of the conference, including the process of creating and developing more specific content to be shared and discussed.  We encourage you to share articles on our blog, contribute your voice and perspective to the conference, share useful hints and contacts, or provide any general help with organizing the conference.

More specific information on the conference will continue to be published on our blog.

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